"Thanks for all this material. I wanted to tell you that I've listened to 'Me and Blue' twice since Saturday--what a lovely, heartbreaking, heartfelt, and fun collection of songs!  I'm really glad to have it. You have a singing voice that I could listen to for hours--engaging, emotional, honest. You've done a great job. Thanks!  Now I'll read the poems which I've just printed out."
Will Nixon (Poet/Writer)

Me and Blue

n o t e s
Author/Singer-Dennis Bressack Music/Producer-Ian Turner Let It Out Productions (Joshua Pearl)
Abby's Songs consists of the following songs - (c) 'You Are So Beautiful To Me (Joe Cocker)'
and (c) 'Lady in Red (Chris DeBurgh)'
'I Dreamed I Saw The End Of War' - tune derived from the song 'Joe Hill'.

I Am The Man

n o t e s
Author/Singer-Dennis Bressack Music/Producer-Dennis Bressack Dennis Wayne Bressack (A Capella)

Guest Artists

Blue Dovee Symphony - Poem/Music: Bruce Bressack
Brooding In Time - Poem: Kenny Bressack Music: Bruce Bressack
Dovee's Song - Poem: Katie Bressack (age 11) Music: Bruce Bressack
Tinker Street Dream Poem: Dennis Bressack Music: Bruce Bressack