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Dennis Wayne Bressack has been writing very personal poetry, short stories and essays with family, social, political, pro-environmental, anti-war and pro-peace themes for more than forty-five years.

Dennis is a member of
The Poetry Society of Woodstock and has been a featured reader at their meetings, and at many other venues in the Mid-Hudson Valley, Manhattan and New Jersey. Some of those venues are CAPS (Calling All Poets), Poets House, Woodstock Poetry Society, Noble Coffee Roasters, Mudd Puddle, Bohemian Book Bin, and the Cubby Hole Coffeehouse.

He has been published in a variety of anthologies, magazines, newspapers, journals and websites including
Sensations Magazine, Chronogram Magazine, Wildflowers, and Home Planet News and Lifeblood, which is an anthology of readers from Woodstock Poetry.

Dennis has self-published six books of poetry: Rosenberg's Farm; Driving Towards The Sunset; First You Laugh; Back in Hopiland; Please Don’t Let My Son Go to War; and, Water, Earth and Sky. His e-book, Winter is Not For Skiing (Not For Me Anyway), won 2nd place in BookRix website’s Winter Poetry contest. He has released two music CDs with song versions of his poems.

Dennis, a retired dentist, resides in Woodstock, New York, with his wife, Abby, their 22 year-old son, Justin, who is a graduate student at The Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and their dog, Henry David Thoreau. The Bressacks’ 34 year-old son, Noah, lives in Tampa, FL with his wife and 4 children.

His work offers a unique combination of deep reminiscence and visual information.
William Seaton, Poetry on the Loose Reading

Thanks for First You Laugh. It's so difficult, and often impossible to realize art amidst grief, especially of the type and duration of the sort you have suffered. You have come belovedly to face it, and have come away with poetry.
Ed Sanders, Poet Laureate (Woodstock NY)

Musicians buy mansions
on tops of mountains,
poets live in caves.

Painters are hung
in halls of museums,
poets scrawl on walls in caves.

Filmmakers throw parties
in penthouse apartments,
poets party in caves.

Even potters and sculptors
don’t work without pay,
poets read for free coffee in caves.

But, when humans search for answers,
they pay the $4 cover at the doors of
poets who live in caves.

Thanks so much for sending us a copy of your book of poetry. I have read some of it and have to tell you it has made me cry already. You have put so much heart and love into this. You have much to be proud of. I can only imagine what it took of you to write this and put it together. We wish you huge success with this.
Anne and Lou Figoni: Authors The Relationship Mastery Workbook

Rosenberg’s Farm is an unusual poetry collection. Combining essay/personal memoir, black and white and color photography, the author uses the three mediums to bring us back to a place that defined his past. More than a poetry chapbook, it is a recapturing of a place and time dear to its author’s heart, and a nice testimony to the importance of place in each of our lives.
David Messineo (Publisher of Sensations Magazine)