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I am sitting on the edge of this precipice floor,
looking back at my past with open fists, is quite a chore.
I let it go, it flies away, into the darkest mist of yore.
“There’s a child who needs you now,” God does implore.

I am planning my life to follow my path and explore.
God laughs at me as if I know nothing at all.
I think that love already fills my every body pore.
What do I do if a child comes knocking on my door.

The snow falls down in this and that crazy way.
Then the sun shines again and melts it all away.
There is one thing I know, that is for sure.
If a child comes knocking, I would open the door.

“I am too old and have lost two children,” to God I roar.
“I believe that my heart so sore, I just can’t take anymore.”
“Your heart will grow bigger, there is more for you in store.
When a child comes knocking, just open your door.”

I say, “okay, I will listen, to even the score.
I’ll take a chance with your word, open my heart to the core.
If it’s a girl or a boy doesn’t matter to me at all.
When that child comes knocking, I will open the door.”