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We Always Live In Spring (1)

For your fancy
dear smansy pantsy
simple answer
with no fanfare.

You’re the grandest
you’re the fairest
you’re the love
in my life.

Sow some powdered mirth
beneath thy holy turf
in hot blood of earth.

While in morning dream
we are fondeling
your fruits are flowering
we always live in spring.

Feel your felt-fur hair
flow down shoulders bare
now my only care
is to have you there.

I kiss thy milk full breasts
hear me ring the chimes
I touch our first born flesh
slime from hands of time.

We Always Live In Spring (2)

Child’s heartbeat
after sex cells meet
in the hot seat
what a rare treat.

It behooves me
to be silly
breathing jelly
in your belly.

When no blood flows
that’s how we’ll know.
Even Duzzi’s toe
ain’t from your toe.