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Time has let me
forget your lovely face,
through the passage of a decade,
I’ve learned to fill the empty space.

Time has let me
heal my wounded heart,
cease the crawling of my skin,
congeal my ever bleeding art.

When we set out the door,
our smiles filled the night with light.
How could I ever know
you’d slip forever from my sight?

Time has let me
turn my life’s next page,
handed me the perfect road
to process all my guilt and rage.

Time has let me
remember giggles of joy,
grasp that we all die sometime,
even my little girl and little boy.

When I slide into my mind,
if I want to scream another rhyme,
I dig my way up to the sun,
plot a new poem in which love can run.

Time has let me
live with endless pain,
absorb its’ stormy lesson,
enjoy its’ warm and gentle rain.

Time has let me
hug my family more,
sing and dance at weddings,
laugh until I fall upon the floor.