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Rosenberg's Farm
More than a poetry chapbook, it is a recapturing of a place and time dear to its author’s heart, and a nice testimony to the importance of place in each of our lives.

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Driving Towards The Sunset
PURCHASE THE BOOKThis poetic journal recounts the adventures and misadventures of my family during our three-month, cross-country trip in the winter of 2001.

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Back In Hopiland
We are on the Amtrak headed south to Manhattan. The Hudson River is a frozen block of twilight. Ice Cutters have created a narrow path that winds south to the Ocean.

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First You Laugh
This book of poetry reveals my deepest thoughts and feelings about the commonly shared human experiences of love, marriage, birth, babies, children, death, divorce, family, spirituality, healing and re-birth.

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Please Don't Let My Son Go To War
We marched a hundred-thousand strong whenever freedom fighting forces were challenged by the criminally insane. But, this morning I had to ask the conductor, "Where is the peace train?"

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Winter Is Not For Skiing (Not For Me Anyway)
This is a collection of Winter Poems that were written from 1972 to 2007. They are a reflection of my personal, family, spiritual, political and environmental beliefs.

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Water, Earth and Sky
For the more than 45 years that I have been writing poetry, many poems have been written about nature and the environment and some of them have already appeared in my other books. This book is a compilation of all of those poems.

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Excerpt from the poem Dichotomy

Many poems soar over heights of a beautiful bond.
With an insatiable appetite to wordsmith my deepest thoughts,
I sing of a relationship that is innocent, intimate and elegant.
I experience the brilliant light of love’s glory,
celebrate in songs of adoration, passion and commitment.

This transcending seesaw ride of self discovery
is mirrored in voracious fury of my poetic rant,
tasted in tender tranquility of my lyrical chant.
I escape from the aching, dark, dreary, dastardly dungeon
into indebtedness for each and every morning sunrise.

Poems From 2010-2013
Some poems are from Water, Earth and Sky, some are from Please Don't Let My Son Go To War, and some are for an updated version of First You Laugh. I have many more poems that were written from 1963 to the present and these may eventually be placed on my website.

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