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Oh New York, Oh New York,

when will you learn?

Oh New York, Oh New York,

garbage and leaves you still burn.

Factories, traffic, and guys that think they’re so cool,

this city ain’t nothin’ but a dirty cesspool.

Oh DC, Oh DC,

George Washington’s home

Oh DC, Oh DC,

like the fall of ancient Rome.

Congressmen, Senators, the Cabinet too,

have no fuckin idea what they’re supposed to do.

Oh Miami, Oh Miami,

the city of sun.

Oh Miami, Oh Miami

where is all the fun?

The local draft board does not have a list

cause the average age is one hundred and six.

Oh Newtown, Oh Newtown,

when will you be born?

Oh Newtown, Oh New town,

‘teween two worlds you’re torn.

Ten bars and eight churches

to puzzle your kin.

Vex’em Perplex’em, but,

Sunday prayers can’t hide

Saturday’s sin.