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Breaking News!!
A collapsed gold and copper mine ceiling,
700,000 tons of rock
miners, paid $1500 a month, trapped ½ mile below.
Pundit talk turns to the predictable outcome.
Slam Dunk Death!

The beginning of the end.
One by one men die,
either by gas inhalation,
starvation, dehydration
first one dead, and men turn to drinking blood, cannibalism.

This time is different
Hope not lies.
The world watches
a shaft is dug
a chute is built
a caged time capsule
nicknamed Phoenix is lowered and raised
by motorized ancient cable and pulley.

One by one a sun-glassed man,
dressed in orange jumpsuit
magically appears in the cage
as if he is returning from vacation in Miami.

One by one, they are greeted by the light.
One by one, they are greeted by family, friends,
wife and children, the Chilean president.
One is greeted by his mistress, ooops.
His wife is at home watching the proceedings on TV.

One has found God and prayer.
Another high-fives,
dances as if he won the Super Bowl.
Another falls to his knees,
wraps his tears around his son.

These are images of a miracle.
These are photos never seen before.
These are men touched by God’s hand.

Woodstock, New York
October 17, 2010