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On the same day, the obituaries proclaimed that
Bagel Guru, Murray Lender, and
Mr. Coffee Maker, Samuel L. Glazer both died.
I was reminded of my mother.

That combination of bagels and coffee somehow kept my mother alive and healthy for 78 years.
Those two basic foods along with the confectionary, JuJuBe’s, were the staples for my mother’s diet.

Oh sure she put milk in her coffee,
butter or cream cheese on her bagel,
ate leftovers from family meals, restaurants,
bar mitzvahs and weddings,
but Bagels, Coffee and Jujubes were the items
I actually saw her put in her mouth on a daily basis.

So my condolences go out the Lender and Glazer families.
“My mother thanks you,
my father thanks you,
but most of all, I thank you.” *1

Woodstock, New York
March 25, 2012

*1 Al Jolson