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There are moments I wish I were a painter,
comprehend tint combinations to reproduce beauty.
My pen without pigment
cannot do justice to this visage.

The sunset spreads like wild fire
red, yellow and orange fiery bursts of color
vibrate across a seemingly endless sky.

Darkened clouds in coiffure pompadours
whirl and swirl in concentric circles
through which God’s light illuminates,
pry open my eyes to truth.

The balmy, swaying gulf waters spread,
relentlessly roll to the swelling shore,
curling up and over and under itself
in spinning white foamy splashes.

The stately Ibis with stretched crooked legs,
elongated loping neck, extended pointed beak
appears unsteady until it widens its wings
and elevates into the air.

Sandpipers’ beaks nervously stab into shore sand
scratch for tiny burrowing clams,
scamper from the crashing surf
like loping, laughing children.

Sea gulls chatter to one another
scamper across the beach
Lift, soar, dive-bomb,
catch 1 baitfish at a time.
Pelicans calmly perch on poles,
spread feathers lifting into the horizon’s stream
pound into waves head first,
scoop their prey in billowy bills.

Sea Oats swing in billowy breeze
Sea salt swells my nostrils
I swim in warm seas,
connect to ancient mariners.

Englewood, Florida
August 21-22, 2009