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Cornfields spread across the green earth
cut like flat-top hairdos.
Silos stand tall against a blue-gray sky
march like silvery castle towers.

Daybreak crackles.
The moisture of last night’s rainstorm,
sizzled by the morning sun,
melts into mounds of hiss n’mist.

The cows return to the barn to be milked.
The haystacks are full with spring’s first cut.
The cats are filled with milk n’ mice.
The eagles disappear deep into the forest.

The Amish are already out on horse n’ buggy
with intention not complication as their credo.
Life is much too complicated to be cluttered
with anything but intention.

It should always be as simple as these birds
nesting in a pine tree outside this window,
mother and father busy providing food and shelter,
chicks safely venturing forth into the unknown.

Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania
June 28, 2006