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For cocktails we had Petron tequila, white Zinfandel and red Burgundy wine.
The conversation was about
fighting over Golan and Gaza,
killing over the Wailing Wall,
fighting over Moses’ Torah,
killing over Mohammed’s Koran.

For appetizers we had Cheddar, Brie and Stinky cheese, three kinds of crackers.
two varieties of olives, fois gras, olive spread, bruschetta and sliced venison sausage.
The conversation was about
fighting over barrels of oil,
killing over whose side God is on,
fighting over Mosques,
killing over Synagogues.

For the entrée we had mushrooms in a butter/wine gravy on toast, barbecued Cornish
hens and pork, steamed buttered asparagus, scalloped potatoes and vegetable soufflé.
The conversation was about
fighting with sticks and stones,
killing with guns and bullets,
fighting for honor and glory,
killing for revenge.

For desert we had Gorgonzola and Blue Cheese, apples, cake, cookies, brandy, sweet
desert, coffee, cream and sugar.
The conversation was about
fighting Jewish women and children,
killing Arab women and children,
fighting that goes on forever,
killing that will never end.

The host asked, “Is anyone still hungry?