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I stare out my north-facing window,
at the mountain pinnacle draped in pastels,
perceive the large pine limb shattered,
cracked from giant ancient perennial,
strewn upon swollen ashen snow,
like a beached hump-back whale
draped in green gown of tears.

I examine unfolded past memory blogs,
reminded of youth’s prior frozen winters,
sunrises spent wishing for school cancellations,
full days whooshing, whooping and whopping
down glazed, slippery hills on belly.

Fingers numbed by frigid cold,
eyes crusted by melted ice,
I return home exhausted at dusk,
greeted by scented steam of hot chocolate
brimming with milk of mother love.

Storms shook the house at its’ foundation,
rattled the attic ceiling rafters,
blizzards blew white dust in tornado funnels,
windows clattered tirelessly to tempest music,
my father’s phonograph played 50’s show tunes,
I was a safe and content child,
satiated in pleasure of intact family.

Woodstock, New York
November 26, 2010