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The full moon stares through shaded window creases
points to a dappled speckle seared on my bedroom wall.
Articulating this moment in awe,
all is peaceful and protected in my life.

I am awakened by early morning vibrations,
as the sun starts its’ circle dance in the sky,
tosses shadows lingering down the pine valley,
igniting the mountain with fiery fervor.

Taste of bittersweet, jaded, nightshade nectar
seeps from sugary purple flowers
that yields poisonous red fruit
lethal to my heart and sanity.

Toxic memory bullets challenge me today.
I am an exemplary father of 2 sons whom I love.
I cherish each and every memory
of their lives with me.

There are flashes of barbed-wired darkness
that infiltrate my bloodstream
invade the sheltered envelope of reality
There is sadness that pervades every inch of space.

Woodstock, New York
June 18, 2011