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NY Times Ad:
On April 1st, 2012, in conjunction with
the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic,
Guernsey’s Auction House will hold a huge yard sale
offering more 5500 items in a single lot.
Items, including fine china, ship fittings, portions of the
hull, have an estimated value of 189 million.
Please Bring Your Checkbook or Credit Cards!!

There was a reason the ship was named Titanic.
Those White Star Line builders had gigantic egos
as massive as the mountains of ice
that tore into that giant floating metal metropolis
like an electric can opener.

Bound for NYC from Southampton, England,
the liner hit an iceberg that tore into the hull for 10 seconds.
In a few hours, the 40 thousand ton colossal ship,
advertised as enormously unsinkable,
became a holy gargantuan grave
for more than 1500 souls that drowned in frozen waters
as the band played on through the night.

Class determined your access
to a barely legal number of lifeboats.
Woman and children were first,
then the elitist upper class.
Common folk and workers were left to drown.
Captain Smith went down with his immense ship,
but not without a sorry epic prayer.

What was left of that self-contained city of ornate appointments
had slept undisturbed on the tranquil ocean bottom,
had bathed in the salty sea for a hundred years,
400 miles off the Newfoundland coast,
until court approved salvor, RMS Titanic, Inc.,
located, salvaged and savaged
vast treasure troves of artifacts.

Parent company, Premier Exhibitions,
won’t announce the results until April Fifteenths
100- year historical celebration.
I can’t wait until the monumental relics trickle to Ebay.
Then we plebeians can finally buy
a piece of its huge classical history.

Woodstock, New York
December 31, 2011