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“There is a crack, a crack
in everything,
that’s how the light gets in”
Leonard Cohen

There is design, design
in everything,
that’s how conception begins,
holy construction within.

We are designed to find
spontaneous scent combustion,
desirous of interior mutual composition,
symphonic, orchestrated vibration.

The soul searches for its’ mate
in secluded corners of communal reflection.
The body explores distant cosmos
for comfort in familiar embraces.
The heart quietly pulses energy
seeks to meld with heat of another,
share alternating beats and harmonious breaths.

Convergence of touch to touch
leaves a trace of remorse when apart,
feeds the need of intimacy
in this seemingly haphazard, complacent world.

Impulsiveness of compulsive creativity
is an entity this poet recognizes.
Internal etchings of a single sliver of love
bestows life to the static carcass of this beast.

Woodstock, New York
October 25, 2010