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The Arab Spring has become the US Autumn.
Darlings to the Left,
Devils to the Right,
this unorthodox, unorganized,
seemingly leaderless movement,
instills consternation and fear in the 1%,
tears holes in their protective stone walls,
creates democracy from the ground up.
It’s a labor union movement and the 60’s all rolled into one.
“We’re not gonna take it anymore,” is shouted in the streets.

Behind closed doors, dismayed government officials
try to figure it out so they can defuse the situation.
Let’s call them a jobless shifty mob.
Let’s impose a midnight curfew.
Let’s claim sanitation issues, illicit sex and drug usage.
Lets call it overcrowding and evict them.
Let’s use police in riot gear to arrest them.
Let’s shoot tear gas to disperse the ingrates.
Let’s call it a privately-owned park
in which tents or demonstrations are not sanctioned.

The 99% will not be discouraged.
They will not be swayed from their simple goals.
They will not be deterred from their historic quest.
They will not be influenced by lobbyists.
They will not be bought by corporations.
They will not sell their souls to Satan.
They are in it for the long haul.
Our lives depend upon it.

On the night of November 14th,
the NYPD in full riot gear
evicted the protestors from Zuccoti Park.
As part of the “cleanup”, 14 people were arrested.
Tents, clothing, food and books were tossed into garbage trucks.
The image of Nazis burning books on Kristalnacht,
Bull Conner using fire hoses and attack dogs on black children
seared across generations of historical perspective.
Government never allows too much protest
of their stranglehold on power.
Ironically, the former name of the park was Liberty Park.

Woodstock, New York
November 13, 2011