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I descend into cavernous sinkhole of my life past,
where scattered scarlet shards stains of insane pain remain.
Though turbid storms of decades of time have passed,
where wretched games of blame and solemn sorrow ingrain,
I still slip n’ slink into that vile void.

Grievous thoughts lurk in my somber psyche,
plunge me into shaking whirlpools of perpetual emotion,
plummet me down from primal cliffs to shark tank below.
Subtle reminders stain every corner of memory
nibble on the balance beam of my uncertain sanity.

There is no secret formula to formulate and follow.
Daily wandering a winding pathway
that becomes more slippery and constricted,
I am pointed toward my pre-ordained dead end,
not knowing what fate awaits around the next mysterious bend.

Staring into mirror at swollen and bloodied eyes,
I am consoled by awareness that this existence
is sprinkled with soothing moments of conscious ecstasy,
infiltrated by layer upon layer of incessant love
surmounting fear with the swift sword of passion.

Woodstock, New York
December 18, 2011