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On this night
what can I give you my son?
If it’s legacy or history you desire,
then stand next to me,
absorb the heat you feel,
open your eyes to the site that you see,
feel the strength of men standing around this fire.

Your brother and I, and these men
have taught you by our mistakes.
Try not to make them.
Your brother and I, and these men,
have taught you by our deeds.
Try to learn from them.

Live in the space of peace.
Never pick up a weapon against another being.
Do not be fooled by war-mongers
There are other brilliant ways to serve your country.
to give to your community.

Try to live and allow others to live in dignity.
Allow your heart to lead the way.
Allow poets and writers and singers to inspire you.
Pay attention to your breath,
for it is the gift of life.

Be a man who turns to men for your support.
Be a man who turns to men for your guidance.
Don’t be fooled by men with prejudice and hate,
or are manipulators.

They will bar your path,
stifle your growth.
become barriers to the real meaning of life
the why of why we are here.

Search for answers with an unquenchable thirst.
Ask questions with a ravenous appetite for truth.
Dance dances until your feet ache.
Sing songs until your voice is hoarse.

Be loving, kind and gentle with the women in your life.
They will depend upon you for their safety
They will turn to you for protection.
Treat them all as if they are your mother.

Be gentle with the old,
you will one day be an elder.
Be thoughtful with the young.
you will one day be their teacher.

Be open to new ideas.
Be a life long learner.
Be trustworthy.
Be humble.

There will be a day when I will not be here
to answer your questions.
to show you the way.
to teach you right from wrong.

So now is the time to take advantage of this man
who loves you unconditionally.
Though you may have been born from different flesh,
our souls will always be tied together.

I Love You,

Woodstock, New York
April 19, 2010