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I am lost in the love of you, body, spirit, the whole of you.
I am absorbed in succulent curves of your lap n’ hips.
I am thrilled by luscious licks of your lilac lips.
I am drawn to delicious flavor of your nape n’ neck.
I am impassioned by contemplation
of your veiled treasure map.

I am driven crazy by the passion of your allure.
I am obsessed by surreal dreams
emanating through seductive mirrored eyes.
I am stupefied by soul wisdom hidden within.
I am imprisoned by sanctity of your secret garden.
I am comforted by delicacy of your touch.

I am beholden to your dazzling magnificence.
I am smitten by irresistible spaces you conceal.
I am devoted to your brilliance, sparkling like a star.
I am entranced by your luminous essence.
I am pleased to savor each moment of time,
grateful to simply be your husband, friend and lover.

I am, I am, I am.

Woodstock, New York
October 3, 2010