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Everything contained within, entirety without,
aggregate I sense, perceive, never doubt.
Visionary multicolored rainbow reality,
dancing brown-eyed moonlit fantasy,
singing sparkling dreams in the night sky,
leaving me forever indebted to your emerald castles.

Our Love is boundless, endless like the ocean tide.
Our Love is limitless, infinite like the sun’s light.
Our Love flourishes in the darkest, coldest night,
Our Love thrives in spite of voracious voices of fright.
Our Love abounds and soars like an eagle in flight.

I am eternally beholden to you my beloved,
for gently holding my hand, walking with me through fire,
for lifting my heart, filling it with desire,
for ceaselessly revealing your intimate orb,
to which I aspire, of which I do not tire,
leaving me perpetually yearning, begging for more.

Woodstock, New York
December 31, 2011