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We watch dumbfounded while the earth explodes and bleeds.
Black blood worth its weight in gold
blankets the ocean with the angel of death,
stains once pristine white sand beaches,
coats and chokes innocent wildlife.

We are impatient with the culprits
who caused this violation of our mother earth.
We are helpless to halt
this out of control oozing of the earth’s core,
unable to grasp the catastrophic nature of man’s blunder.

We don’t need terrorists
to fly planes into our buildings.
We don’t need suicide bombers
to blowup our cities.
We don’t need insane dictators
to deploy atomic and biological weapons.
We don’t need our enemies
to dance on our graves.

We have our friends
to slowly drill us into extinction.

Woodstock, New York
July 26, 2010