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Battering rains fell heavy as iron pellets
soaking the already fully saturated soil.
Winds shrieked like a villainous vulture
screeching a deafening explosive roar.

Trees were ripped by the roots.
Branches tumbled like torn autumn leaves.
Bridge pilings were cleaved, sliced at the feet.
The river rushed like a muddy, frightened deer.
The swells snatched, carried worldly possessions
downstream on its humped back.

In humankind’s futile efforts
to dictate the course of events,
control the outcome of situations,
predict the future with certainty,
prevent the catastrophic calamity,
it is nature that once again
proves its ancient superiority
over its’ designation as a Category 1.

In man’s ongoing struggle to
hold back the tumbling tide,
put out the ferocious fire,
keep cool in the simmering summer,
warm a baby hands in the winter,
damn levees always break,
futile forests are always leveled,
horrific heat always swelters,
barbaric cold always kills,
fear becomes contagious,
multiplies into palpable, acrid acid.

Woodstock, New York
September 5, 2011