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My words evaporate into the cold, dark, empty night.
I never had a chance to say goodbye.
I never had a chance to say.

I love you one more time,
that you were beautiful children,
who filled my life with everlasting wonder.

I never had a chance to say goodbye
to the little boy who taught me how to walk and play,
to the little girl who taught me how to dance and sing.

The hardest part is remembering,
then the endless dream imagining,
the man and woman they surely would have been.

I touch them tenderly in the daybreak.
I taste their sweetness in a snowflake.
I testify to the muted mountain,
sometimes, I can’t stop the pain.

I see them floating on the sunlight.
I smell them bathing in the wind.
I hear them laughing at the ocean.
My love still grows within.