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Men in coonskin caps
greet you at the gates.
Disney's RV campground
sanitizes the outdoor experience,
whitewashes pioneer spirit,
insults camping "au natural".

60 feet of Class A bus,
50 feet of truck and trailer,
snake through an obstacle course of
narrow roads lined by grapefruit trees,
white picket fences, sunken garbage pails,
wooden plaques and license plates from every state.

Entertainment is watching Moby Dick
back into Beetle-sized cement space #1919.
All sites have electric, sewer, water, cable, phone hook-ups,
and a pole holding plastic bags
to put your dog shit in.
You have to bring your own satellite dish.

Guests zip and zoom in golf carts.
Cell Phones roam in every ear.
Laptops pay the monthly bills.
Salamanders and armadillos scoot
noses in dirt,
oblivious to humans,

who wait for the Chip n' Dale bus,
which takes them to Pioneer Lodge,
to catch the paddle-wheel ferry
across the man-made lake
to The Magic Kingdom,
"to infinity and beyond."