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My youngest son crawled into my arms,
buried his tear-filled eyes into my shoulder.
Reality that high school was over had set in.
Reality that life had turned the corner,
Transitioned from childhood into manhood.

Transformation is never easy.
Shedding your skin,
Moving into the next phase,
College is on the horizon.

In the meantime, he will spend more time with his friends,
give extra hugs to his dog,
sleep, head under the covers, until noon
declare his love for mom and dad.

My oldest son is his father’s son.
Clearly, he is in the mix,
present at every event,
coaching all ballgames,
cheering his children to victory,
sharing lessons of dealing with defeat.

Swimming in the pool,
submarine body dragging his children on his back,
throwing Nick into the air,
playing Marco Polo with Lexi,
sharing fashion sense with Jacquie.

The words barely escape my swollen throat.
I can hardly contain my body when they call me gramps.