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Forgiveness burns bridges of hate.
Forgiveness melts mountains of righteousness.
Forgiveness tears down walls of stubbornness.
Forgiveness slays the dragons of fear we carry.
Forgiveness sees God’s reflection in your enemy’s eyes.

Forgiveness lifts the entrenched anger.
Forgiveness lightens the heavy heart.
Forgiveness allows the soul to sing again.
Forgiveness oils the wheels of peaceful intention.
Forgiveness is packaged in 8 pounds of baby girl.

The stillness of the morning air
harkens me back to my innocent youth,
when anything was possible,
life was a straight road to happy land where
bumps and bruises were minor impediments.

The torturous wind is now behind my back.
I look forward to manifesting a benevolent future.
The melancholy of a millennium of bereavement,
supplanted by the elation of celebration,
signaled by the gesture of a smile and a simple hug.