On the Road to Floridaa

On the Road to Floridaa

I am on the road to Floridaa
Being on the road to Floridaa is like passing
through the bowels of hell to get to the gates of heaven.

I am most fascinated by the breakfast buffets.

All these motels, regardless of genre have such similar fare.
3 kinds of dry cereal, Fruit Loops, Wheaties and Raisin Bran,
Oatmeal, sometimes in quick Quaker paper packets,
dry day-old scrambled eggs, sausage or bacon,
biscuits and gravy if you’re south of the border
coffee, juice, milk, half and half in packets
waffles, smothered in fake maple syrup,
that is seemingly the favorite,
white and whole wheat bread, Danishes, muffins,
Fruit-Flavored sugared Yoplait or Dannon yogurt packs,
bananas, oranges and apples or fruit salad in sugary syrup.

Everything is pre-packaged and pre-cooked.
Nothing is freshly made,
merely heated in the micro.

The way these people rush to the buffet at 6am,
you would think it was dinner at The Gotham Bar and Grill
or Gramercy Tavern,
not buffet breakfast at the Best Western.

Dennis Wayne Bressack
Woodstock, New York
February 29, 2016