How Can I Live Through The Next Four Years?

How Can I Live Through The Next Four Years?

Reality Show Check-In.
He will be our President,
no matter what we try to do.
whether we recount the votes
or attempt to influence the Electoral College,
“The Clown With The Red Hair”
will be tweeting us back into the dark past.

When prejudice and racial profiling were legal, state of the art
and brown people were lynched,
when women went to back-alley abortions, hangers tore uteri and girls bled to death,
when Jews had to change their last names, get nose jobs,
and hide under stairways,
when immigrants faced humiliation, indiscriminate deportation,
and families suffered separation,
when Neo-Nazi’s and KKK roamed streets freely, displayed flags
and dressed in brown shirts and white sheets.

Perhaps I need to not read newspapers, magazines,
watch television, listen to radio or surf the internet,
where I can by chance come across
another smiling photo of the devil in disguise,
or learn that another part of progressive agenda
fought so hard to realize
is blown apart and dismantled.

I can’t just sit back and ponder.
I can’t just let my mind wander.
I can’t just allow progress to be placed asunder.
I can’t just crawl into fetal position.
I can’t just lower my voice of opposition.
I can’t just fear being tried in the court of public opinion.

I have to write what my heart and soul believes.
I have to overcome the inertia my body conceives.
I have to join with those who share the same causes.
I have to lift up the spirit of the oppressed
to fight with every ounce of my breath
to overcome “The Clown With The Red Hair.”

Dennis Wayne Bressack
Woodstock, New York
November 27, 2016