The Clown With The Red Hair

The Clown with Red Hair

Congratulations America!
You have just elected
The Clown With Red Hair whose agenda is
to drive your country into the abyss,
to fry your constitution in the fire,
to grind your freedoms into dust,
to unleash backlash against the masses,
to promulgate prejudice against the innocents,
to destroy civil and personal liberties.

Complacent America!
You have underestimated
The Clown With Red Hair whose ability
to use the power of fear mongering,
to use the power of the internet,
to use the power of television,
has released every rat and snake from the sewers,
unleashed every despicable hate monger
from beneath every rock that they hid beneath.

Laughable America!
Now you have got to live with
The Clown With The Red Hair as you,
watch him dismantle all you cherish,
burn your books and treasures,
line up his enemies against the firing squad wall,
while the kkk and white supremacists
don their white sheets and fiery crosses,
iron their brown uniforms and swastikas,
proudly parade confederate flags down Main Street,
to celebrate one of their own
who will lead the free world.

Dennis Wayne Bressack
Woodstock, New York
November 13, 2016