You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay For

Everyday another headline blares
as I tearfully stare into uncertain future's godless glare.

Never in my life, in this unique experiment on this blue hurtling sphere in space, have we come so close to authoritarian delight, (“Don't cook tonight, call chicken delight.”)

When I watched the apprentice 10 years ago,
I admit that I was awe struck by this bigger-than-life man and his family plan to rule his empire with an iron hand.

Palatial Billionaires hiring and firing in rapid-fire succession with little regard for feelings or individuality.

These inhumane statues made of gold plated skin, sardonic grin,
slithering manikins.

I always had a difficult time trusting anyone who wears a suit everyday, even on weekends, perhaps even while showering.

Artists, poets, actors, musicians, visionaries, news media, environmentalists, educators have become enemies of the state.

Smells of another time, another place, another dictatorial race, smelling up the garbage heap of this hurtling sphere in space.

Dennis Wayne Bressack
Woodstock, New York
May 10, 2017