The Writery (Two Ponds Of Compassion)

The Writery (Two Ponds of Compassion)

Two Ponds of Compassion
teeming with life forces,
species of fishes, tadpoles, insects and turtles
scurrying about, upon and beneath the still-surface waters.

One pond is murkier, muddier, cloudier,
with an unseen, mysterious bottom.
The other pond is crystal, clean and clear,
sure of its’ path from the mountain.

I thought that my life at this moment
was reflected by the crystal pond,
to live here in this home of “until death do us part”,
perhaps in the garden or pool, I would breathe my last breath.

But now, I aspire to that other more, muddy pond
more muddled, fuzzy future,
laying by the harp in an unknown hazy habitat.

So while I sit in this room meditating upon
these Two Ponds of Compassion,
I choose to be compassionate with myself,
to be patient with myself,
to truly love myself.

I may not own these two ponds
or even really own my own home
or have the means to have everything
I want right at this moment.

This beautiful life I have led
captured in my fleeting memory,
is enough to sustain me
as I travel from the crystal to the muddy pond.

Dennis Wayne Bressack
Woodstock, New York
April 16, 2016