Guns of Autumn

Guns of Autumn

Familiar sounds crack the silence,
vibrate the still, crisp air.
Innocent eyes query.
Cowardly crackles echo,
sending hooves scampering
toward the mountain mist
in fear for their young.

Justice is not weighed
in the balance of nature and mankind.
Value on life is miscalculated.
Choice is but an echo,
lost in swollen memories,
drowned in sullen sorrow ,
beliefs relived, rewound time and again.

Unconscious minds promulgate inconceivable,
unconscionable acts of violence,
first of man versus animal, then of man versus woman.
There is no wonder that a child steals his parents’ weapons
marches to an elementary school
and methodically murders other children.

Immoral, icy, crystalline vapors engulf insane decisions,
mistaking manic, shadow puppets for reality honchos.
Then, it’s on to the next topic of conversation in the manifestation of the pundit manifesto.

Dennis Wayne Bressack
January 26, 2016 (Began October 2015)
Woodstock, New York